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Training and Certification
Our trainers delivery high quality training to a certification level. Upon completion students can sit the certification exams
Bi-Model Delivery Enablement
Agile, Waterfall, DevOps, Google SRE, Google Sprints, Design Thinking. 
You need people that choose the right tool or framework for the job.
There is a large amount of factors that affect delivery speed. Our team of experts know where to focus to improve the speed of your delivery.
Inner Circle
Wish there was an inner circle that knew all the answers.

Saying more wouldn't do it justice. This group is not for everyone.

Training And Certification
To achieve faster transformation one of the best ways is to train and certify your staff. Though some organisations prefer to simply hire people with the correct skills.

I am a big advocate of training so that everyone is on the same page and frameworks.

If you are interested in getting access to some free exams so you can test the knowledge base of your staff. 
I have included some below.
I will continue to update this as I find free exams online.

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Phone: +61417223690
Email: michael@michaelsaunders.com.au
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